Posted by: mericonpharma | November 22, 2011

Fat Content Does Matter


Because blood sugar jumps with carbohydrates but not with fat, many people with diabetes ignore the fat content of their meals.

But “dietary fat is just as much a problem as sugar,” says Anne Daly, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at the Springfield (Ill.) Diabetes and Endocrine Center.

Fat provides many calories (about 120 per tablespoon) and hinders weight control.

And the type of fat matters. Saturated and trans fats are linked to higher cholesterol levels and an increase in risk for heart disease – already your most likely cause of death. Studies also suggest that saturated fat worsens blood glucose control by affecting your body’s response to insulin.

Limit unhealthy fats by avoiding stick margarine and packaged foods made with partially hydrogenated oils, poultry skin and animal fat, including dairy and fried foods.



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