Posted by: mericonpharma | February 20, 2012

Milk Thistle destroys lung cancer in mice

So far, we know the milk thistle actually mainly just as a plant for various liver diseases liver . But the spectrum seems to be much larger.

In the University of Colorado Urethane mice were injected, which cause lung cancer. Following this treatment, one group of diseased mice silibinin, a substance which occurs in the milk thistle. The control group received normal food.

In animals fed with milk thistle, were significantly smaller tumors than individuals diagnosed.

Further analysis of this fact showed that silibinin the blood vessels that make the tumor shrink consumed, and thus prevent it from growing. After confirmation of this fact in a clinical study, a speedy deployment is expected in patients.

The findings suggest lung cancer patients who hope to be in at an early stage of the disease, because that silibinin can according to the tests for lung cancer but not cure, or prevent, but slow down or block it well.

If the finding further confirm the effect this would be not only in lung cancer research is a milesto


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