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ESSENCE OF LIFE WITH Pearl  :Helps to produce and maintain new Cell.

CONBATE Pearl: Helps to produce and maintain new Cell.

CONBATE Pearls: Is also Important during periods of rapid cell division and growth Such as infancy  & Pregnancy.

CONBATE Pearls: Is also essential for the Metabolism of Hemocysteine.

In pregnancy Women with deficiency of Folic Acid at greater ‘RISK ‘of  giving birth to Low birth weight Premature Delivery   or infant with Neutra Tube defects.Folic Acid help to produce Erythrocytes(RED BLOOD CELLS )and Prevent Anemia


Conbate pearls

(Folic Acid 400 mcg)

Dosage: One tablet daily


As suggested by the physicians

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your Heart and its Diseases

Heart diseases are the world’s largest killers,
claiming 17.3 million lives a year. Governments all over the world are leaving no stone unturned in controlling the spread of these diseases. Billions are being spent on research and development of medicines and surgical procedures that can help heart patients. Despite all this, heart disease and its many manifestations continue to attack the global populace with ease. This just proves that there’s something amiss somewhere.

So, where are we going wrong? What can we do to protect ourselves from this growing threat? The answer is here.

Caring for the Physical Heart
The health of the physical heart is most stressed upon when it comes to heart-related diseases. Faulty dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, continued tobacco usage, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol are some of the well-known risk factors for heart disease.

Following the simple measures given below will help you keep your physical heart healthy:
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
Eat fresh, home cooked food
Keep away from tobacco
Cut down on body fat; lose weight if you are overweight
Reduce intake of salt
Eat whole grains
Reduce intake of saturated fats
Be physically active; exercise at least 30 minutes daily

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Milk Thistle destroys lung cancer in mice

So far, we know the milk thistle actually mainly just as a plant for various liver diseases liver . But the spectrum seems to be much larger.

In the University of Colorado Urethane mice were injected, which cause lung cancer. Following this treatment, one group of diseased mice silibinin, a substance which occurs in the milk thistle. The control group received normal food.

In animals fed with milk thistle, were significantly smaller tumors than individuals diagnosed.

Further analysis of this fact showed that silibinin the blood vessels that make the tumor shrink consumed, and thus prevent it from growing. After confirmation of this fact in a clinical study, a speedy deployment is expected in patients.

The findings suggest lung cancer patients who hope to be in at an early stage of the disease, because that silibinin can according to the tests for lung cancer but not cure, or prevent, but slow down or block it well.

If the finding further confirm the effect this would be not only in lung cancer research is a milesto

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Presentation:    pack of 400gm and half pack of 250gm also available in sachet pack of 250gm each box contain  10 sachet  of  25gm

Soyer Food Supplement:  provides wide variety of macro n micro nutrient help in  enhance immune   system

Soyer:Is a high nutritional supplement so provide elderly people with energy and nutrients to prevent .

Indication:Pregnancy,Lactation,Surgery,Fever,Trauma,And old ages patience.

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INGROL SYP: has remarkable phytonurtrients & phytochemicals that have demonstrate effectiveness in promoting longer and healthier life.INGROL also supports our body in resisting allergies & infection 

INGROL SYR: The first balance combination of active ingredients to maintain mental and physical health in people of old ages

INGROL SYR: Contain Calcium,phosphorus and zinc for Pregnant & lactating Women


Indication:Pregnancy,Weakness, Menopause, Lactation,Mental & Physical illness, Lost  of immune, Growing children.and Old ages patience.


Dosage &Administration:One table-spoon twice daily.children one teaspoon daily

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 Presentation:pack contain Elemental  Calcium 600mg.Vitamin D3 400iu pack of 30 tablet and syrup of 120 mg





Calcium is the primary mineral responsible for strong bones,because the body Can`t produced calcium.


A balance diet, regular exercise, healthy life style.Intake of BONEED can play in maintaining optimal bone health


Indication:Pregnancy,Lactation,Menopause,Osteoporosis and old age.


Dosage &Administration:One tablet daily as dietary supplement can be increase as direct by the physician

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Acute Hepatitis

Chronic Hepatitis

Hepatic Cirrhosis

Fatty Liver

Hepatotoxicity due to alcohol or Drugs

SYLRON Restores damaged liver to normal.

SYLTRON Prevents the entry pt toxins in to the Hepatocytes.

SYLTRON Stimulates the function of Sinusoidal cells

INDICATION: Acute & Chronic hepatitis Cirrhosis,Fatty Liver, Hepatotoxicity.


DOSAGE:ADULT:- Two Teaspoonful Two time daily or One table spoon daily

CHILDREN: One Teaspoon two time daily.

PRESENTATION:Syrup of 120ml,Blister of 20 Tablets.


Each 5ml of Syltron contains 110mg,Bio Selenium 15mcg, ALA 20mg of Silymarin

Each Tablets contain 200mg of Silymarin.Bio Selenium 15mcg, ALA 20mg of Silimarin

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H.SIP MALT. A specially formulate and prepare to provide faster heamoglobin regeneration.Its Contain Calcium Vitamins Mineral and zinc and Honey.pure fruit extract for pregnant and lactating mother. The active ingredient is Malt

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‘The Pursuit of Knowledge… ‘

‘The Pursuit of Knowledge… ‘.

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